DST Chemicals

Efficiently removes rust from all surfaces.
Machine cleaning
Is used to clean washing machine before conversion to
Cleaning after TEM or ECM
The products quickly and efficiently remove the oxide layer after thermal or
chemical deburring.
Passivation / Corrosion Protection Protects the surface from oxidation after washing with DST-DEGREEZ® & DERUST®
DST Chemicals DST Chemicals DST Chemicals DST Chemicals


On the ever growing market for water based and biodegreadable products for rust removing, DST­CHEMICALS is now offering a complete new product line: The unbelievably efficient DERUSTTM products which are already highly efficient at room temperature. The breaking point for the new DERUST product line is that the so commonly used acid and pickling baths can now be replaced with a product which does not only take care of the work environment but is a fantastic eco-friendly subsitute to these harmful products. This enviro-friendly replacement still means that the parts or components can be laser welded directly after the treatment. Sandblasting is also history, as the metal is so thoroughly cleaned, that painting or vulcanizing is now possible directly after treatment with DERUST/3. After the complete and extremely effective derusting process it is recommended to protect the parts using a passivation product, i.e. DST­PAS/1. Enviro-friendly products means that no labeling is required and that they are pH neutral.


The parts cleaning and degreasing products from DST-CHEMICALS are marketed under the name DST-DEGREEZ® and is a documented eco friendly concept. A concept for degreasing and cleaning of all types of metal items from copper and brass to aluminium, steel and cast iron. The products' pH varies from slightly acid to neutral and slightly alkaline. As a result, degreasing of all types of metals is possible. The products are demulsifying which means that the oil is separated from the washing solution and can be removed from the bath using an oil skimmer. This improves bath life and involves fewer stoppages. The oil is removed efficiently from the metal surface using mechanical action such as spray, brush, ultrasound, etc. This leaves a completely clean surface without oil in the metal pores. Unlike many other degreasers, DST-DEGREEZ® works at low temperatures, i.e. from 38°C. However, the final degreasing temperature depends on the type of oil and grease/fat, the functionality of the washing plant and the type and shape of the metal item.


In almost all cases where we convert a degreasing plant to using DST-DEGREEZ®, we recommend cleaning the plant as the first step.
All machines that have used conventional emulsifying degreasing show signs of the process with deposits of silicates, dirt, grease, fat, oil, etc. Deposits in the machine, in nozzles and hoses reduce efficiency significantly. We use the DST-DEGREEZ/M1 or DST-DEGREEZ/M2 machine cleaner to clean the plant and neutralise inappropriate deposits before starting up with DST-DEGREEZ®.


Thermal deburring is a technique increasingly used in the metal industry to remove burrs on not easily accessible metal items of steel or aluminium. Examples of not easily accessible areas are internal holes in hydraulic blocks.
Thermal deburring takes place in a closed chamber in a controlled explosion caused by high pressure and in the presence of oxygen and methane. In the explosion, the temperature reaches approx. 3,000°C where the burrs on the item are "burnt" away.
Subsequently, the item surface is coated with burning products in the form of metal oxides/rust. This coating has to be removed before any further processing takes place and is usually removed by strong acids such as phosphoric acid or sulphuric acid which pickles the metal oxides from the surface.
With this in mind, DST-CHEMICALS has developed a product range to replace the otherwise well-known pickling baths. The products are pH neutral, readily biodegradable and do not irritate the skin.
The optimum result is achieved in a multistage washing plant with ultrasound in at least the first stage. Using these products will typically extend the bath life and the quality of the washed items is improved so that the items can be laser welded directly.
The products contribute to an improved environment, easier waste handling and improved and optimised processes and quality.

Passivation / Corrosion Protection

DST-CHEMICALS has various water-based agents under the brand name DST-PAS.
The products give corrosion protection to metal substrates.
The products differ as they should be used for specific metal types, finishing and passivation requirements.

The durability of the corrosion protection always depends on

• The metal items' purity before passivation
• The quality of raw water used for the passivation bath
• The concentration of any salts which have accumulated in the bath
• Metal alloy
• Humidity and temperature at subsequent storage
• the air's content of chloride, sulphuric dioxide and nitric oxides during storage

Passivation / Corrosion Protection